Professional Bali Web Design in Indonesia

If you are satisfied with the results of your work to the building or facility Website Design template, well enough up here. But if you are not satisfied with what you make, and you feel like better, then you need to know how to build a Web Designer Website Design, regardless you have artistic talent or not. Unique: In making any work of a designer must have a uniqueness or difference from other people’s work. Similarly, a Web Designer must be able to make yourself like layout, icons, animations, buttons, etc.

Composition: A professional bali web design in Indonesia always pay attention to the color composition to be used in the website were made. Always use WebColor 216 Palette, which can be obtained from, this is to prevent the occurrence of dither in the GIF image. In building an enterprise and Web Design, Web Designer always adjust the color used by the company’s Corporate Color. Simple: Web Designer many who use the principle “Keep it Simple¡”, it is intended to display the website looks neat, clean and informative. Semiotics: Semiotics is the study of signs. In this case expected to see a sign or image, the user / audience can easily and quickly understood. For example: Do not create a picture / image is impressive keypad, but it is not a button / link. Web Designer Fonts choosing the right size so easy to read, Web Designer placing links in a way that is easy and quick to access and more importantly, informative.

Similarly, some aspects and principles used in Web Designer to create a website, the rest is an expression of the author’s own Web Design is manifest in drafting penggayaan website.

What is needed to become a web designer, what is needed is the ability of HTML, CSS and graphic visual capabilities. To the layman the term is certainly not understood and to be involved in the world of web design these three things is what must be understood. First, let us discuss what is HTML? HTML (H yper T ext M Markup L anguage) is a markup language for describing web documents (web pages). A markup language is a set of markup tags, HTML documents do not explain with HTML, any HTML tag describes the contents of different documents. Here I will mengumpakan in the manufacture of home, a house must have a subject matter of the call with the frame of the house, the house consists frame home base or foundation, then the walls, has a roof covering and have ventilation holes. It – basic things like it was done by HTML.

Secondly, we discussed about the CSS (C ascading S tyle S heet). CSS is a rule that is used within the framework of the website or components to be more structured and uniform, were already familiar with Microsoft Word or another word processor would have never set the style, heading, section, BodyText, footers, images and other styles. If HTML is the framework of the CSS website was Decorator Website. The third Visual Graphics, this ability to pour an idea into a tangible form through writing, or drawing room. This capability includes the art of typography, layout and interaction. A web designer before starting a job designing a web page with html and css would be better to pour into an image first, what purpose? so that the resulting design is not limited to the framework and trimmer website only, otherwise it pour into an image website design is also easier for the Bali Web Design in developing the website if you want to convert into HTML and CSS.

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